Business Growth

Business Growth and development

If business growth is your objective then we can support you. To achieve this the following five areas need to be clearly understood, communicated and implemented.


The vision

A clearly defined vision shared and understood throughout the business.


The strategy

How to achieve your vision within the context of your market and business challenges


The organisational structure
Ensuring the organisational structure of your business supports the implementation of your strategy is key. How all your relevant business functions are managed and their interrelationships needs to be structured effectively


Your people:
The more engaged staff are in a business, understanding their role and responsibilities, the more committed they will be. They are the key asset in any business and need both the tools and performance management feedback to maximise their contribution and job satisfaction. 


The systems
The system infrastructure within the business must be robust enough to support future growth and enable the generation of required management information to enable effective decision making, and most importantly, take decisions that keep business performance where you want it to be, with decision making that ensures you achieve your objectives.

What our clients are saying…

lllll Gary Feingold has been working with my staff and myself over the last 6 years. During that time he has helped introduce new processes and software and new management systems and controls. The result is that we have had controlled expansion which has resulted in a doubling of both turnover and profitability. Gary’s support and input has been invaluable and I cannot recommend him highly enough.