Our business support programmes follow a structured approach to ensure they reflect your needs. We will listen and challenge you, to understand where you are currently and where you want to be.

If business growth is your objective then we can support you. To achieve this the following five areas need to be clearly understood, communicated and implemented.

We all know how lonely it can be running your own business.  In response to feedback from its own clients, G6 has established a format to enable groups of MD’s to meet on a monthly basis.

How we help you

We make sure your business delivers to your personal goals and aspirations.


G6 Associates supports Business Owners to achieve their personal and business objectives. Our principal consultant is Gary Feingold who works with other business specialists to ensure you get the right level of support and expertise tailored to your specific requirements, such as


  • Improved work-life balance for the MD
  • A long term succession plan for the future continuation of the business
  • Creating value to facilitate a future business sale
About Gary Feingold…


Gary’s passion for supporting small businesses came from his own personal experience. Having occupied Board level positions in his corporate career he decided to venture out on his own and experienced first-hand the challenges of running his own businesses. He had successes and failures and learned the hard way. His passion is to help and support other business owners to achieve their goals more effectively and with less pain.